Bernardi or Wallbaum?

Discussing a plaquette relief popularly attributed to the Italian gem engraver, Giovanni Bernardi, but herewith correctly attributed to Matthaus Wallbaum.

El Greco’s Roman Period and the Influence of Guglielmo della Porta

A survey of Guglielmo della Porta’s influence on the artistic personality of El Greco. Also suggested is the possibility El Greco could have worked for Guglielmo providing miniatures for use in the production of altar crosses and tabernacles during the painter’s enigmatic Roman period.

Head of Pan: Lorenzo, Michelangelo, Attila and a lost plaquette prototype

Examined is the discovery of an engraved rock crystal evidently serving as the master prototype for a quantity of late 15th century bronze plaquettes. A relationship of the rock crystal with Lorenzo de’ Medici is drawn by way of a relationship with its subject: a Head of Pan. Also discussed is the crystal’s reproduction in a sketch by a young Michelangelo and finally surveyed is the curious loss of the object’s meaning in exchange for what would become a universally vilified image of Attila the Hun.