St. Agatha of Sicily

Riddick collection No. 61 – Summary of a unique 17th century Sicilian devotional plaque here attributed to a Master of the Fercolo di St. Agatha panels.

Flagellation of Christ

Riddick collection No. 68 – Summary of a rare, early 17th century plaque of the Flagellation after Giuseppe Cesari d’Arpino.


Riddick collection No. 71 – Summary of an unpublished Spanish pax depicting the Flagellation, here attributed to the Circle of Francisco de Alfaro, early 17th century.

The Dictator Julius Caesar

Riddick collection No. 12 – Summary of a rarely discussed and uncataloged plaquette bust of Caesar probably cast after a Renaissance or Baroque gem.

Tazza Farnese / Allegory of the Nile

Riddick collection No. 02 – An in-depth discussion of bronze casts reproducing the celebrated Tazza Farnese, linked to a modern facture in the Chiurazzi foundry of Naples and an unidentified foundry probably in Florence.

Gemma Augustea

Riddick collection No. 03 – A unique, modern bronze cast of the famed Gemma Augustea.

Head of a Satyr

Riddick collection No. 07 – Summary of a rare plaquette reproducing the head of a satyr, being a freehand copy after an antique or contemporaneous carved gem.


Riddick collection No. 17 – Summary of a rarely discussed plaquette of Asclepius, reproducing an antique gem probably belonging to the Medici in Florence.