El Greco’s Roman Period and the Influence of Guglielmo della Porta

A survey of Guglielmo della Porta’s influence on the artistic personality of El Greco. Also suggested is the possibility El Greco could have worked for Guglielmo providing miniatures for use in the production of altar crosses and tabernacles during the painter’s enigmatic Roman period.

St. Agatha of Sicily

Riddick collection No. 61 – Summary of a unique 17th century Sicilian devotional plaque here attributed to a Master of the Fercolo di St. Agatha panels.

The Dictator Julius Caesar

Riddick collection No. 12 – Summary of a rarely discussed and uncataloged plaquette bust of Caesar probably cast after a Renaissance or Baroque gem.

Tazza Farnese / Allegory of the Nile

Riddick collection No. 02 – An in-depth discussion of bronze casts reproducing the celebrated Tazza Farnese, linked to a modern facture in the Chiurazzi foundry of Naples and an unidentified foundry probably in Florence.

Gemma Augustea

Riddick collection No. 03 – A unique, modern bronze cast of the famed Gemma Augustea.

Head of a Satyr

Riddick collection No. 07 – Summary of a rare plaquette reproducing the head of a satyr, being a freehand copy after an antique or contemporaneous carved gem.